Here Are Some Questions You Should Ask Of Your Carpet Cleaner

Here Are Some Questions You Should Ask Of Your Carpet Cleaner

While the persuasive ads with free deals and extra rooms to be cleaned are very appealing when you are searching for a company to clean your carpets, you might want to due a little more checking before you make your final decision. Keep in mind that even though a business looks sharp and has wonderful advertising, cheap and inexpensive pricing doesn’t always translate to the best carpet cleaning.

Here are some tips for you to guard against big promises, but only result in shoddy and superficial work.

carpetCleaningAlways ask if the company guarantees their services in writing. A written contract is simply a promise that the company will follow through on their guarantees. You don’t want empty promises, as you want what they are advertising to you to be performed.

Be sure that the carpet cleaning company will give you a written estimate. Most of the companies will do this, but some will not, and you should not do business with anyone who won’t. With the estimate you should receive a detailed list of the procedures that are to be done and an itemized pricing as well.

Find out in advance if the carpet cleaning company uses a truck mounted cleaning system. Inside the truck is a large tank, and a hose will be attached to the tank. This is a powerful cleaning system where the hose is for the purpose of sucking dirt, debris, water, and other contaminants from the carpet into the tank. If they do not have this system, their services are not much more powerful that a home vacuum cleaner.

Be sure that the technicians that are cleaning your carpet are certified by Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. This IICRC certification is the same as a degree in carpet cleaning and it ensures that you have people working on your carpet that really know what they are doing. There is more to knowing the ins and outs of carpet cleaning such as what types of carpet require certain cleaning agents and so forth. If they are not certified, look for someone who is.

Ask the company for references from other customers who have enjoyed a satisfied service experience from the company. If a company is legitimate, they won’t mind at all in providing their good customers to give a testimony. If they are not willing, you should look for another company.

There is no reason a company cannot provide good service and good business practices in the services that they provide, so these questions are not out of line, because you are paying them simply to do the job for which they advertised.